In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Believers reverence God's promises

"The Truth" is an attribute of both God and Quran (22:62, 24:25, 31:30, 47:2, 13:1, 34:6, 35:31). Being the Truth, God and His words are to be highly regarded and reverenced. God, mercifully, swears for us in Quran that His promises are as true as the fact that we speak (51:22-23). His promises for the believers, all over the Quran, are, without a doubt, a part of His absolute truth. God promises the believers a lot of bliss, rewards, and consequences. He also assures them in Quran that He never breaks a promise and that His decisions are irrevocable.

[10:55] Absolutely, to GOD belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. Absolutely, GOD's promise is truth, but most of them do not know.

[51:22] In the heaven is your provision, and everything that is promised to you.
[51:23] By the Lord of the heaven and the earth, this is as true as the fact that you speak.

It is quite comforting for those who are blessed with certainty to be reminded with that. Such reminders put them at ease and set their mind and heart in a state of divine peace and contentment. They are certain that God's promise is the truth. They know full well that their efforts are not going to waste in this life and in the Hereafter. They totally submit to the will of God at all times and they unconditionally trust that no matter how matters are seemingly rough or complicated, God's support and victory will always belong to them. Such deep reverence of God's promises and the contentment they feel as a result are real signs of their true faith. The following example teaches us how God would reward true believers for reverencing His promises:

[14:13] Those who disbelieved said to their messengers, "We will banish you from our land, unless you revert to our religion." Their Lord inspired them: "We will inevitably annihilate the transgressors.
[14:14] "And we will let you dwell in their land after them. This is (the reward) for those who reverence My majesty, and reverence My promise."

This reminder is to remind the believers who are actively engaged in redeeming their souls to rejoice in God's gracious promises. It cites some of the beautiful promises and guaranteed rewards that He reserves exclusively for them.. He promises them mercy, forgiveness, salvation, and eternal bliss. He promises them guidance, justice, security, and ultimate victory. He promises them dignity, prosperity, joy, and peace. Only those who reverence His promises and handle His truth seriously can rejoice in knowing and believing in the following :

[5:69] Surely, those who believe, those who are Jewish, the converts, and the Christians; any of them who (1) believe in GOD and (2) believe in the Last Day, and (3) lead a righteous life, have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

[5:9] GOD promises those who believe and lead a righteous life forgiveness and a great recompense.

[19:60] Only those who repent, believe, and lead a righteous life will enter Paradise, without the least injustice.
[19:61] The gardens of Eden await them, as promised by the Most Gracious for those who worship Him, even in privacy. Certainly, His promise must come to pass.

[50:31] Paradise will be offered to the righteous, readily.
[50:32] This is what was promised to every repenter, steadfast.

[20:82] I am surely Forgiving for those who repent, believe, lead a righteous life, and steadfastly remain guided.

[57:28] O you who believe, you shall reverence GOD and believe in His messenger. He will then grant you double the reward from His mercy, endow you with light to guide you, and forgive you. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

[4:122] As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, we will admit them into gardens with flowing streams, wherein they live forever. Such is the truthful promise of GOD. Whose utterances are more truthful than GOD's?

[25:15] Say, "Is this better or the eternal Paradise that is promised for the righteous? It is their well deserved reward; a well deserved destiny."
[25:16] They get anything they wish therein, forever. This is your Lord's irrevocable promise.

[10:26] For the righteous, the reward will be multiplied manifold. Their faces will never experience any deprivation or shame. These are the dwellers of Paradise; they abide therein forever.

[57:18] Surely, the charitable men and women, have loaned GOD a loan of goodness. They will receive their reward multiplied manifold; they have deserved a generous recompense.

[24:55] GOD promises those among you who believe and lead a righteous life, that He will make them sovereigns on earth, as He did for those before them, and will establish for them the religion He has chosen for them, and will substitute peace and security for them in place of fear. All this because they worship Me alone; they never set up any idols beside Me. Those who disbelieve after this are the truly wicked.

[40:51] Most assuredly, we will give victory to our messengers and to those who believe, both in this world and on the day the witnesses are summoned.

[61:11] Believe in GOD and His messenger and strive in the cause of GOD with your money and your lives. This is the best deal for you, if you only knew.
[61:12] In return, He forgives your sins, and admits you into gardens with flowing streams, with beautiful mansions in the gardens of Eden. This is the greatest triumph.
[61:13] Additionally, you get something you truly love: support from GOD and guaranteed victory. Give good news to the believers.

[58:21] GOD has decreed: "I and My messengers will most assuredly win." GOD is Powerful, Almighty.

[10:103] We ultimately save our messengers and those who believe. It is our immutable law that we save the believers.

[47:7] O you who believe, if you support GOD, He will support you, and strengthen your foothold.

[65:2]... Anyone who reverences GOD, He will create an exit for him.
[65:3] And will provide for him whence he never expected. Anyone who trusts in GOD, He suffices him. GOD's commands are done. GOD has decreed for everything its fate.

[20:123] ...anyone who follows My guidance will not go astray, nor suffer any misery.

[2:38] ....those who follow My guidance will have no fear, nor will they grieve.

[19:76] GOD augments the guidance of those who choose to be guided. For the good deeds are eternally rewarded by your Lord, and bring far better returns.

[33:24] GOD will surely recompense the truthful for their truthfulness, ...

[2:218] Those who believe, and those who emigrate and strive in the cause of GOD, have deserved GOD's mercy. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

[3:172] For those who respond to GOD and the messenger, despite the persecution they suffer, and maintain their good works, and lead a righteous life, a great reward.

[3:195] Their Lord responded to them: "I never fail to reward any worker among you for any work you do, be you male or female - you are equal to one another. Thus, those who immigrate, and get evicted from their homes, and are persecuted because of Me, and fight and get killed, I will surely remit their sins and admit them into gardens with flowing streams." Such is the reward from GOD. GOD possesses the ultimate reward.

[29:69] As for those who strive in our cause, we will surely guide them in our paths. Most assuredly, GOD is with the pious.

[72:13] ....Anyone who believes in his Lord will never fear any injustice, nor any affliction.

[10:98] Any community that believes will surely be rewarded for believing. For example, the people of Jonah: when they believed, we relieved the humiliating retribution they had been suffering in this world, and we made them prosperous.

The reverence of God's promises strengthen the foothold and the will of true believers. They steadily march on God's path without wavering, distraction, or intimidation. They focus on His commands and live by His set laws even if they are in the minority. They persist on redeeming their souls, and eternally earning the multiplied credit promised to them at their Lord, as they are certain that He utters nothing but the truth and that His promises are done deals:

[30:60] Therefore, you shall steadfastly persevere - for GOD's promise is the truth - and do not be intimidated by those who have not attained certainty.

[31:33] O people, you shall reverence your Lord, and fear a day when a father cannot help his own child, nor can a child help his father. Certainly, GOD's promise is truth. Therefore, do not be distracted by this life; do not be distracted from GOD by mere illusions.

[47:35] Therefore, you shall not waver and surrender in pursuit of peace, for you are guaranteed victory, and GOD is with you. He will never waste your efforts.

[3:194] "Our Lord, shower us with the blessings you promised us through Your messengers, and do not forsake us on the Day of Resurrection. You never break a promise."

Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.